Published on September 22nd, 2016 | by Sandeep Patil


#Uri-attacks, The forgotten sentiment

The blood of an average Indian doesn’t start boiling very easily! Even when it does – history has shown us – it is content to cut the enemy to size rather than reducing him to ashes! Whether this is a virtue or weakness, it can be debated. Surely it has allowed savage enemies like Muhammad Ghouri, Babur, Ahmed Shah Abdali etc. to retreat back safely, grow in power and strike back… but on the other hand, due to the same quality this sub-continent could exist peacefully for more than 2000 years and could write a relatively blood-less history. But history is one thing; looking at present (or recent past), I had started wondering if the Indian Blood has stopped boiling altogether!

There were times, where one could see the hints.. or the traces of this rage… there was the Nirbhaya case, there was hanging of Yakub Memon and then there were agitation at Jantar-Mantar or crackdown at Ramleela Maidan. There were occasions like 2611 or  1307 that left our anger and tears in an emotional smother, for there was no central-figure to whom this outburst could be directed to! Instead we were left with no choice, but to sit sulking in a corner, invent new numbers on the lines of 911 and to hear from Media the hollow praises of Mumbai’s tolerance and resilience.. in way feeding “all-is-well” opium to the society. (I guess that was the last time I watched NDTV!)

After all these years of impotent and supine milieu, I had started believing that the highest of the Indian aspirations had reduced down to buying latest iPhones, winning Facebook likes and getting salary hikes. But the dark clouds like #UriAttacks have the silver linings… that the blood of the nation can still boil! Among the sermons of peace, humanity and development… there can come the war-cries of vengeance! It is an indication that the nation is still alive.


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