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Beti Bachao

It all started long time back
SRK was still a newcomer then – eager to make his mark
Many of us were liking him
He was a regular-smoker and in an interview he was asked…
won’t it give a wrong message to his fans when they always see him with cigarette?
Won’t his fans start thinking smoking is cool?
His answer was something like…he was not responsible for what his fans do
That answer did not go well with me
I believe that the celebrities carry this moral obligation on their shoulders
Think of Rajinikanth, Mithun-da, Nana Patekar or Jackie Chan …
I guess I was quite naive then….

Then there was Sanju-baba… with his Jaadu-ki-jhappi and Gandhigiri
“The success of Lage Raho is a glowing evidence of common man’s faith in Gandhism”, said a newspaper
A friend commented, “if common man has faith in Gandhism, why would he watch Sanjay Dutt movie!”
I couldn’t agree more, But there weren’t many
Sanju-baba was jailed…and came out on parole… shooting, partying, attending marriages
Once again PK went on being super-hit
I guess I was being too touchy….

And then this year was Bhai’s
Case ran for 14 years and bail in 15 minutes
Law is equal for all!
Also Bollywood showed it’s solidarity!
Some among us swore not to see his movie again; others asked them to “chill”
Bajrangi-Bhaijaan coming this Eid… people are excited
I guess I was a fool….

And now the Dream Girl
The loving mother and caring grand-mother of “Baghban”
Not just an actress, but a sitting MP
… from the ruling party
I have stopped bothering for all this Tamasha for the sake of Tamasha
But still the heart goes for the innocent, who lost her life …
Madam, I don’t know whose mistake it was
I don’t know if your car was speeding or not
But I know for sure some people got medical help in time, other’s didn’t.
If a MP cannot ensure Medical help in time, when victims are suffering in front of their eyes…
what do you expect from ordinary, powerless people?
By the way, is PM going to tell us something about “Beti Bachao” in next Mann ki Baat?
Or he thinks one of his lieutenants has failed him…
And that she has lost moral right to continue…
I guess I am asking too much…

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