Should I describe my blog, I would compare it with the pictures drawn inside the caves by the ancient man. Surrounded by the wildest of the beasts, protecting himself in the darkness of the caves, in the cold, damp environment devoid of any modern comforts … and yet he had the urge of drawing scenes on the walls of the insides… not for any visitor, not for the generations to come, but out of sheer desire of expression! I think self expression is one of the very primitive instincts of human beings.

I am living up to the same instinct of self expression, and hence this blog. My interests are diverse, ranging from history, politics, philosophy, astrology to the lighter topics like music, travel, books, photography etc. So one never knows (myself included) what will be my upcoming blog-post about. To make the readers life a little bit easy, I would group my post into multiple blogs depending on the topic.

You are welcome to revisit the blog again and again, and hopefully the posts strike a chord here and there. Should you find the posts interesting enough, please follow the blog. That way you will receive notifications every time there is a new post.

Finally, thanks for showing interest in the blog and in the ‘About’ section 🙂. It is a very contending feeling that someone completely unknown was curious about you and tried to know a thing or two about you. Our generation should be thankful to the Internet for this!



Got something to say? Write to me and I shall get back as soon as I can…

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