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“International” future of your child

I have nothing personal against the so called private ‘international’ schools in the so called Indian Metros… but I have somehow been very apprehensive about them since the beginning. Another incident of a 6 year old mysteriously dying in school’s water tank should work as the eye opener. The incidents of child-abuse in schools and safety negligence of the students are becoming more and more frequent. Hence sharing a couple of my apprehensions

1. One may argue that the accidents can happen. Some assert that these incidents used to happen in older times also but because of the ‘breaking news’ culture we hear them more frequently and loudly. Yet the striking thing is that such incidents have almost always happened in the recently found private-international schools. One must reflect and find his own answers on why the traditional schools are able to manage better student safety records, while the modern, better-equipped and costlier schools are lagging on this front.

2. Another unmistakable consequence of such tragedies is the length to which the school management goes to save their reputation(!). The parents of the deceased and the doctors have been persuaded, pressurized or threatened to hush up the matters by the school management. Even the parents protests in front of the school gates has become a common phenomena.

3. This is not merely about kids safety… this about the kind of attitude the schools possess towards its students. Our traditional and social values had put Teachers and Doctors in the most respected positions, because both occupations were seen more a service than profession. In today’s world they have hardly remained profession, let alone service – they have become money making industries (of course barring few respectable exceptions). So today’s parents better ask themselves what extra value they are getting by paying hefty fees for such schools.

4. India comes 4th in ranking among the countries to have maximum ‘international’ schools; with UAE at top, followed by China and then … wait for it …. Pakistan! Interestingly the countries in western world – from where we copy most of the ‘international’ standards and norms are way behind here (even when you consider the population factor). Shouldn’t that give a hint or two about the whole nature of business of these schools?

I have come across many educated parents who appeared quite nonplus when asked why they chose an ‘international’ type school for their children. I have always believed that good education comes from just two things – good teacher and good peers; more from the latter in my own experience. Beware of marketing tags like ‘international’. Your child’s safety and future is much more precious than marketing buzzwords!


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