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Everybody loves Rajan

In my experience, if a person has looks/manners/style/accent, has distinguished academic qualifications and earned credentials especially in foreign lands … then it is very easy for such person to catch imagination of people – especially the so called modern educated class – and then take them for a ride!

In the picture we can see a person who was celebrated by people for his impeccable academic qualifications… and for his image of being the economic messiah for this country… riding on this perception, he could rule them and fool them for 10 straight years… only in the end as it turned out, he presided over the worst ever series of scams in entire history – all in the name of honesty and integrity!

The other person, a prodigy, an eloquent speaker, accomplished writer, a charmer… who served at United Nations and aspired for the highest chairs… he was cheered up every now and then by ordinary people and intelligentsia alike, in spite of learning about his alleged involvement in shoddy deals and scams until finally he met the fate of his wife being murdered.

The third person is presently enjoying a similar celebrity-hood… and perhaps for the same reasons…

PS: Those who may have an urge to criticize or educate me are most welcome however –

1. please enlist 2-3 achievements of Raghuram Rajan in your view. The vague statements like “he is world renowned economist”, “he knows more than Swamy”, “he brought Indian economy back on track” etc. will not be counted.

2. if you think I am in any way criticizing Raghuram Rajan, then you are hugely mistaken. I do not know enough economics to take sides in such matter. But that’s precisely my point; those who are taking sides, do they understand economics enough?


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