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Piss-off-love Revolution

This post is not so much against acts like kissing in public places and similar ‘tokens of affection in the modern days’, for personally I am hardly bothered. This post is rather about the hypocrisy that has become such a characteristic symbol of the so called modernism in India. I had earlier written a post “The ostrich syndrome” reflecting similar views, and perhaps in future would be provoked to write more on this line.

So far as this kissing ‘revolution‘ is concerned, it’s an open and shut case. Expectedly, not many from the society are liking it, barring the ‘revolutionaries’. This incident  in Kerala can reflect the distaste amongst the common people towards these acts of indecency affection. So far about the news coverage it has got, I think media is interested in the masala part of the revolution and looks at it more on the lines of ‘Poonam Pandey would strip for Indian Cricket Team‘. Yet, a couple of points that should be pondered upon.

1. We are against moral policing of whichever organization – First wrong point! Moral policing was, is  and will be there. It’s part and partial of any society. Just that we are so much accustomed to it that we do not realize it. What our parents, teacher and elders in the family do to us is moral policing. That’s precisely the reason we are shy of doing certain things in front of them. Now expecting the freedom to the same things in public places is hypocrisy in its purest form.

2. What should be really condemned is the manhandling/abusing part in the Moral policing – Those who call themselves protector of culture and abuse, beat the ordinary people under the name of culture are in fact the biggest enemies of culture. I would very much like to see some Moral Police instead following Gandhigiri and offering roses to these couples.

3. The killer of all ideas, kiss-of-love – I was pretty much amused by the intellect and maturity of those who would have come up with kiss-of-love idea, but the most hilarious part was the use of terms ‘revolution’ and ‘revolutionaries’ in the whole affair. I mean, when someone says revolution one remembers of ideals, life-depending issues, revolts, prisons, bloodshed, executions, sacrifices, self immolations and other overwhelming stuff. But this kiss-of-love is then piece-of-cake revolution! All you need is one willing partner ‘revolutionary’ and lo… there is revolution. These days its difficult to tell what is news and what is satire.

4. The last point –

I would really like to catch hold of some revolutionary in some 5-star hotel on a buffet.

“Do you eat with spoon at home? or do you change plates for every course at home?”, I would ask.

“Grow up man! How would it look here if I eat with fingers. Or if I carry the half finished plate to the buffet table? There is something called decency. We should follow it in public places”, he would reply.


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  2. Ranju says:

    Exactly! I wouldn’t have blamed them if they had been doing this policing throughout for every case. Bash up a couple of murderers, flog a couple of guys urinating in public, chase and punish a couple of rapists and then take care of people kissing in public. They say PDA is against Indian culture and demolish a cafe. So can we take it that thievery, murder & rapes are part of Indian culture?
    Men forcing themselves into women is completely forgotten and a couple kissing with mutual consent is on the headlines.
    What happened here was not similar to the policing our parents & teachers do. Being a Kochiite, I see many cases of people being burnt alive, raped and killed here. The moral policing springs up only when there is a kiss of love campaign.

    I can echo your feelings in this post and I respect it. I respect everyone’s opinion as long as they are consistent with their actions. And I cannot accept any justifications coming from the moral police unless they do their duty everywhere.
    Good day to you 🙂

  3. Ranju says:

    I wouldn’t say the path they chose was correct. PDA is something shunned and unacceptable in our country unless it happens in airports. So, a campaign will not change people’s minds.

    But, the intention, I support that. When a couple kiss, it is not so hard to walk past them. It does not affect me in any away. Probably that is not the case with everyone.
    One reason is, people mostly relate kissing or any kind of PDA to sex. The word itself cannot be uttered in public. How can the so-called-related acts be accepted?

    Naturally, there is a rift. A group that thinks beyond sex and believes PDA is okay and shouldn’t be taken as a crime, another group holding traditions and belief close to their heart (I don’t blame them at all) and yet another group who would change their view point once they are in a relationship. 😉

    If you ask me whether I’d go for the campaign, No I wont. Because, it is something unacceptable. But, I am not against it. Like your 5 star hotel example, because all use spoon, I use spoon. While my heart rests elsewhere. In a completely parallel world, where kissing is not a taboo, no one will be against it. To accept this fact, it is difficult. A campaign cannot convince this.

    And what I hated about this incident, there are many rapes, murders, theft. People opening their fly & urinate in public places. The moral police (A political party basically) ignored all the above & had to demolish a cafe just because a random couple kissed there?

    • Very very well said indeed. Your comment here is kind of the unsaid part of my post.

      The last para is very valid point. The ‘moral police’ is targeting the soft-targets like a couple in cafe, which would not retaliate back. If the moral polices divert their attention to other things like patrolling deserted areas in night or even people urinating in open, they would soon get taste of their own medicine.

  4. Santosh says:

    And these “revolutionaries” claim that the event is a huge success – but in reality – at any hint of the event – police arrest these “participants” … The number of participants have dwindles to a few 20-30 of them.. and the recent one is that that idiotic short film director has penned a new event – something on the lines of “Women! Lets enjoy the darkness” (this event has a malayalam name) – his lust filled mind is clear here… As long as he keeps fulfilling his lust privately – it doesnt matter – but this guy seems bent upon doing it in public…. “Protests” such as this fully justifies the need for a stronger Moral Police… I wish our laws are strong enough to prevent this rubbish from happening again.. I know there are provisions in law to get these people arrested – but we need a stronger one…

  5. Rajesh Patil says:

    Hi Sandeep, well said!!!,
    take a sample from fb and just analyse this revolutionaries, who are they, why are they so thirsty? do they go to such revolution with their brothers and sisters? do they want to act (kiss) or show? or leave it these attraction seekers were always around from hippies to likes of Pooja bedis, next we will see all these Bhats, bedis and Day’s supporting them. BTW this revolution makes a point, roti , kapda, makan aur Kiss, these good behaving kids have roti, kapda aur makaan from their parents and now want to kiss on the pocket money, as our Indigenous FB revolutionaries want to emit the west, please add some facts on how the 14/16+ years teens live in West, how they make their living on their own and how our revolutionary kids are protected and nurtured by their parents. Why growth rate in West is negative , why don’t they want to make babies, then these guys will give up the idea of showing the affection in public. As the things never start and end on kissing, you need to move on isnt it 🙂

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