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There are some relaxed, lazy moments… when the otherwise rushing and gushing mind suddenly settles down into a heavy standstill … and the thoughts which hitherto were chaotic, mixed up and wavy like the images on ripply water… slowly start taking shape, become distinct.

I have always wondered, why is it so interesting to see the “Reflections” of the greens in the silent, motionless lake than the originals themselves – perhaps more than the reflections, it has something to do with the placidity of the lake!


About the Author

God knows why but I have too many interests. So chances are that you and me have something in common. Let’s see… Patanjali? Chanakya? Romans? Vijaynagar? Shivaji? Renaissance? Vivekanand? Agatha Christie? Tagore? Hitchcock? S.D.Burman? Cary Grant? Satyajit Ray? Grace Kelly? Brucia la terra? Suchitra Sen? Roman Holiday? Vasantaro Deshpande? Robert de Niro? Malguena? Kishore Kumar? Osho? Hotel California? Smita Patil? Erich von Daniken? Pu La? GA? Andaz Apna Apna? Asha Bhosale? PVN Rao? … Watch this space, sooner or later you will something on similar topic

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