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A Liberal’s map of India (Game of Thrones style)

Note – This is a piece of Satire

After seeing the dazzling success of film Bahubali, the Liberal’s wanted to hit back strongly with “something of their own kind”. What could have been more fitting that something done by the writer of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin. The Liberal’s apparently contacted their contacts in the Western World and commissioned GRRM to write something like GoT for India. The celebrated Author had taken his time to learn about the Indian History (perhaps, from books written by Liberal Historians) and finally came up with his map of Indya to begin with.

It has been learned that the liberals have scrapped the whole idea, after seeing the map. This blogger got hold of an exclusive copy of this map, which he is sharing in interest of his readers (!).

'Indya' - A left liberals map

Coming soon: A Sanghi’s map 😉

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