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Of Cabbages and Kings

Today morning I received a video via Twitter, and it deserved more than a RT (re-tweet), hence this blog-post. I urge you to watch the video completely (please click the next link), if not possible due to time at-least for first 10 minutes to have a taste of it.

The video is quite straight-forward, though I would like to make a couple of points about it.

1. Narendra Modi, then and now – What he has said in that debate, is exactly what he has been saying for all these 10 years – in the interviews, conferences, conclaves, rallies. He is one rare politician (and probably the only one of the current lot) who has never changed his words. At times he has chosen to remain silent, but he has never done any U-turns. One must have immense respect to such a person – let alone politician – just for this one quality.
2. The way Sardesai and Varadrajan were ‘grilling’ Modi – the hostility of these two was very much obvious. The way these two charged on Modi, at times I felt as if it was BJP who had brought the WTC down! Except for first 2-3 minutes they didn’t let him speak, they asked him assurance that his party doesn’t make this an issue in next UP elections (I don’t know on what grounds can they demand such assurance, and who are they at first place to ask for an assurance) – but these are minor points. The most dangerous is – and this is something I have consistently seen NDTV, CNN-IBN and likes doing throughout last 10 years – is that every time anyone from BJP clarifies something on the lines of  “we are not against Islam or any other religion, but we are against those who are misusing it”, these media macho’s chose to ignore it point blank!

So you see, it’s very easy – every morning ask the same question, and simply ignore the answer! Next day again same narrative, same rant, same propaganda. This is precisely why I have developed hatred for our “Electronic Mainstream Media” all these years.

3. The silence of Narendra Modi –  This “Big-Fight” had happened before Gujrat Riots! And still you cannot help feeling a predetermined agenda of likes of Sardesai and Varadrajan. If they could do this to Modi, for an act of terrorism committed by one foreign organization to another foreign country, one could imagine what they would do to him if something happens on his very soil, under his own nose!!! And one really doesn’t have to imagine there, because it happened they very next year in Gujrat under Modi’s Chief-ministership – and the way they went for his blood for next 10 years is all well known. This explains very much silence of Modi over these issues. He perhaps knew too well, that any clarifications wouldn’t have done any good against such hostile and predetermined Media led by Padma-shri Barkha Dutt (awarded in 2008) and Padma-shri Rajdeep Sirdesai (also, awarded in 2008).

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings.”

– Through the Looking-Glass (sequel of Alice in Wonderland)

The time has indeed come, for the Indian common man to know the Cabbages from the Kings. It just doesn’t end by voting the right King in the upcoming General Elections. It rather begins there, because they must be watchful of all the Cabbages in the future.

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  1. Anoop Verma says:

    Nice post… Very well written.

  2. rajesh says:,, Sandeep , my only one question to you? why do you right these blogs? to support Modi or NAMO or BJP? if yes, dont write them , you can support him, others will support whosoever they like ( only suggestion, i know free speech etc, so if you dont want to take it then leave it), I will really appreciate if you see at other side as well, put a benchmark (sorry to say- same) , be a little un biased, if you also start Namogyan your blogs will also feature links (like i have given above), Lets take Delhi example, i know i am entering in wrong zone however would like to know the thoughts and anger of patriots. Delhi was a unique case, a party in majority could not break few MLA’s from other party and form the government (first time in Indian history) shall i say our local term “Ghodebajar” was missing, a party like INC was running behind a new comer party and supported unconditionally, first time we witnessed this. A government which lasted for 49 days ad no corruption charges. Being unbiased we can discuss the wrong decisions like the Law minster asking (if you say ordering verbally) to the Police (IPS offcer) to raid on a house and everyone sat in front of constitution even comparing this to Khaap, he was not asking to rape a girl or to do something undercover , it was all in front of camera (ok we endorse it as publicity stunt), I wish a BJP/ Sena coroprator/ MLA or INC NCP minter does it against all the Gardullas , footpath bhais, beggar rackets in my city in Mumbai, if they dont know where all this happens they can ask me personally or any girl, boy, lady, man going to school, college, office everyday by train. But sainiks are busy beating Bhaiyyas and NCP INC making mullhas, no body cares it and all start crying when a chain snatching or rape happens. How many times an officer is held responsible for the crime in his area? do you think the officers or guys on the ground dont know which are the sensitive areas and….? i can salute the same officer in Delhi case, if he would have raided the house and on the findings put minister in problem,not other way. Again i dont want to be biased, however the fact remains the same, with this election few bhais will become more powerful and few will go behind the scene for sometime, once the time starts clicking everyone will forget and wake up after 5 years.

    • pppsandeep says:

      Hi Rajesh,
      first why I am writing this blog – well the standard answer is to share my views with online community. Secondly, it’s child of our long discussions on Facebook – there at times I had to write same points to many people as comments. So instead I started this blog, so that I don’t have to repeat it.
      If I want to start Namo-gyan – well, I don’t care. I write what I feel right, and people will stick labels to it – either as Namo-gyan or left-liberal-agenda or someone may call it as gyan by someone who has left Indian soil and doesn’t know the ground realities of India anymore etc. So I really don’t care what label it gets – I only hope people argue with me based on the points I have made, rather than putting a label.

      I read the article in the link you have given above. It’s a valid point and hopefully one of these 2 other parties (cong or AAP) makes issue out of it. There have been other things by Modi which I haven’t liked very much (e.g. when Jayalalitha government granted clemency to Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins, I didn’t like Modi’s silence). But all these things are out of the context of the current article. In spite of it, where Modi has shown his qualities, we have to acknowledge them. I don’t remember any case where Modi has made a U-turn – that’s what I have said above – and if you can find any incident just let me know. I don’t have to be a Modi supporter for it, and you don’t have to be a Modi detractor for it – we just check the facts and form our opinions, that’s it.

      I don’t say anything now about the second part of your comment (the Delhi example) – to keep my reply short. And because that’s not related with the post above. But surely in future there will be times where this part will be discussed.

  3. pote says:


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