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An interesting, true story… about us

Politics can be sometimes more interesting than the most interesting things… the cut-throat competitions, the friends-turning-foes and all twists and turns make certain incidents more exciting than a detective story – what more, they are true stories, not a work of fiction!

Here is an interesting account of things that ended up in announcing our Republic to be a socialist and secular one… in year 1976. It all started 10 years back…

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The word “Socialism” had been a pedestal for Indira Gandhi’s political career. She repaid the debt by honoring the word directly in the description of India. But more than ideologies, it was the political interests of an individual that were functioning behind the scenes.

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9 Responses to An interesting, true story… about us

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  3. Moon says:

    Politics is a such a big game for those in power! A great, informative post to shed light on India’s political history. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ajay Pai says:

    That was quite informative.!

  5. indrani says:

    Kind of eye opener for me on several issues.

  6. Prasad says:

    very much informative , But It could have more impartial if you had mentioned that The post emergency govt of ‘Janta Party’ who had promised to restore the constitution to pre-emergency state. Didn’t do anything about it in their amendment 43 & 44.

    Pls note. even though the amendment passed during internal emergency, This particular amendment came in to force from 1st April 1977. i.e. post emergency (Emergency ended on 21st march 1977)

    Actually didn’t think it as impartial.. especially because of the last sentence which says, ‘Thus in one night, you me and everybody else became socialist and secular’

    In reality this particular correction has nothing to do with the emergency i.e. adding or not adding these word wouldn’t have affect the control of then PM Indira Gandhi on the govt. What you mentioned about the powers of the supreme court & High Courts that’s something important.

    Adding the word in the constitution never makes the people to change their behavior/nature. I believe, we people of India have natural tendency of secularism. That’s the reason we are known for our ‘Unity in diversity’ Also The base of our constitution is ” Freedom Equality & Brotherhood” this itself not only reflects but endorse our faith in secularism.

    As far as the word gambling between communist and socialist is concern, as you said they have closer meanings. But I think being ruled by ‘CAPITALIST’ Britishers for 150yrs, its quite natural to move closer to the communists.

    In fact I appreciate First PM Mr. Nehru for his initiative for NAM (Non Aligned Moment) & Indira Gandhi for mentioning word ‘Socialist’ & not the ‘communist’. In long run this proved to be useful for the nation by getting support from Communist Russia (Kindly note Capitalists especially America were always against us and were endorsing pro-Pakistan policy.Remember 1971 war) also further It never became an hurdle for us when we approach open market post 1992 reforms (GATT agreement).

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