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I have just one question for those who are currently advocating fresh polls in Delhi viz. AAP supporters – “What if fresh elections are held and the outcome is same/similar to the current elections?”. I am not saying this merely to be cynical, but there are good many reasons behind believing this.

First is more theoretical. Per theory – elections happen, new government is elected, it works for 5 years, and then the elections happen again “based on the performance of the government in past 5 years”. This is the most important influencing factor on any elections – both for rulers and opponents – the performance of a government in the past tenure. Since the last elections, Delhi has seen the dramatic government of AAP for exactly 49 days. And otherwise, in past 6 months nothing too notable has happened that should change the course of Delhi politics. So by and large, it should be agreed that the result of the new elections would not be ‘vastly different’ from the current ones.

Now the second reason, more on predictions. Even if we believe that in the new election there will be changes in voting trends, what is the probability that “one single party will get absolute majority”. Because, the fundamental problem about Delhi’s present political situation is not about which party can pull votes from other party’s pie; rather it is the question if one party can get seats more than sum of the other two!

I cannot make all the predictions, but one thing is fairly certain that Congress’ seat share would not further decline. Because, the party is at its’ lowest, so getting any lower is difficult. The defeat of Congress in last elections was primarily based on the sentimentalism against Sheila, and popularity of Arvind Kejriwal. Both things have subsided with time. So chances that either AAP or BJP will grab a piece from Congress’ pie are very little; instead there are high chances that Congress may grab a couple of seats from the other two – thus drifting AAP or BJP further from absolute majority.

As long as, we don’t see a chance that forthcoming election give us a clear verdict (that is one party getting clear majority, above other two), what is the point in trying elections again?

Weren’t there other feasible solutions, other than re-election? BJP tried to suggest ‘secret ballot’, AAP quickly branded as ‘horsetrading instincts of the corrupt BJP’!! That’s AAP axiom number 1, that they are clean and others are corrupt, because they say so! So this was very much AAP-like. But then, for example, AAP could have proposed for an open ballot, such that no MLA would face consequences for cross voting!!! After all, CM is leader of whole house, not just of ruling party! Or AAP could have come in terms with other parties and let a minority government function by common agreement. Of course, I can put similar expectation from BJP too, but to their credit they have kept quiet and left the matters to LG. So the point is, with some political will, some other ways could be exercised, than re-elections. But, AAP is stern on elections, elections, elections!

Now comes the question why is AAP desperately trying to enforce elections only. The answer is simple – it is not about getting a government for Delhi; it never was. The whole game of AAP was never in interest of common man, clean system, stable government – it was always about political ambitions of one Man. (Read here “Aam Adami Paradox”). Now that the man has nearly lost his political relevance, he is desperately trying to reclaim it. He sacrificed Delhi to claim India, the gambit backfired. Now he has to at least try to get what was originally his – so he is making brilliant tactical moves towards his goal.

Of course, in politics everybody has right to make comeback. But Kejriwal and co. are trying to win a battle, while they may loose the war in the process. The decision of re-election is not in the interest of common-man (whom the party claims to represent), rather it is in the interest of the party (rather the person). The last thing common man had expected from this newly launched party was that it becomes one of the existing lot. But by putting its’ own interest ahead of it’s electorate, AAP has exactly become that (or has even stooped further). It’s not that it’s leadership is not aware of it, but they are not bothered. No do I (another common man) care about that leadership. I have written this only in interest of those innocent people – real common men – who still keep high hopes from AAP leadership.

Anyway, let me end this where I begun “What would be the AAP policy if the outcome of next elections is same/similar to the current elections?” Any takers?

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  1. pote says:

    Spot on! Must say u have that one essential quality of a marathi manoos. That of inflicting maximum damage with minimum words 😉

  2. Prasad Vanjale says:

    AAPtardism… Title its self reflects with how much prejudice mind the blog is written. Anyways.. coming to the point..
    “What if fresh elections are held and the outcome is same/similar to the current elections?” The clear answer to it is, LG is supposed to take decisions on the facts and present political scenario subject to constitutional provisions & not on the basis of ifs n buts..

    Further moving towards your reasons you mentioned to support ur prediction (it more look like ‘conclusion’), you talk about the performance of the last 5 yrs.. Do you really think this matters the most.. no doubt this is one of the imp factor.. but you are talking about delhi.. where center plays imp role. that’s the reason 3 times elected sheela dixit had to lose .. I read somewhere in ur earlier comment/posts that Anna andolan (Janlokpal), Nirbhaya andolan played vital role in AAP rise. both these andolans where against central govt. not delhi govt.. there were other factors too as far as state govts performance is considered. But delhi elections are also a reflection of central govt performance too.

    You call ‘dramatic’ govt of 49 days right..? what’s dramatic..? Dharna as CM against central Govt..? check who else as CM had protested against Centre.. u will be surprised to find “Your” NaMo name in the list.. even a month after APP’s protest, MP CM Shivrajsingh also protested against center. Or resigning from the post of CM for not being able to fulfill promise given to ppl is dramatic..? Ya that sounds dramatic.. isn’t it..? coz we have not seen any such politician in resent past who had sacrificed his chair for ppl. don’t we hav current central Govt who had promised to bring black money in 100 days.. but they didn’t even declared names of foreign(swiss) account holder’s which they were asking from earlier govt and were shouting for it. what a commitment for acche din.. gr8.. if we used to have such leader’s then certainly we can see his (AK) resignation as drama.

    secondly u talk about the probability & vote pulling.. you said that there’s nothing changed in 6 months after AAP’s resignation, you also that there’s no possibility of Congress going further low. But have u observed the vote trend in LS..? congress had moved further down than the state assy election. On the other hand both BJP & AAP have considerable rise in their vote percentage. kindly check. & If this is the trend then There lies possibility of change in political scenario after re-elections. Also As I said earlier central Govts performance also directly affects the Delhi elections & Its going to be there. +ve or -ve that’s another topic of discussion/debate. but it is going to be there.

    You talk about ‘secret ballot’ & AAP’s objection on it.. do you really think AAP’s objections are baseless and are coming out of the so called mind set as u said that.. ‘they are clean and all other are corrupt’??? haven’t you seen how BJP VC delhi exposed on camera ?
    check this.

    You also talk about some ‘Open ballot’ option but to the best of my knowledge there is no such provision like open ballot and if really it is there then after watching this do you really find any authentic reason if someone leaving AAP & joining BJP??

    Another surprising statement you made ‘He sacrificed Delhi to claim India’ .. I take this as Joke only..A Big Big joke.. that’s because in the same para u talk about AK’s brilliant tactical moves towards his goal (?) … If he is so brilliant as u said he certainly had an idea that it is not possible to ‘claim India’ without having any cadre in each n every part of country. that too in the very first election. there’s no rocket science behind this.And if he really has any political ambitions as you said then there’s nothing wrong in it until n unless he compromises with the promises he has given to the people. but that’s not the case in any way.

    For a moment I didn’t understand how to react on ur statement about BJP keeping quite & letting the matter to LG. I really got confused whether I should be surprised or laughed at your political awareness(?). Don’t you know why the Governor’s are being transferred or forced to resign from the post with every new govt?? or should I call it as ‘Ostrich Syndrome’ in your words..?

    At one point I noticed you supporting the minority government functioning by common agreement (?) that’s another shock. we are saying after 25 yrs we have a Govt in center with clear majority & this will boost decision making and also control off the records settlements and unethical practices in politics by removing limitations of coalition Govt.
    Double standards or what..?

    We have constitutional provision of presidential rule for 6 months only, In exceptional cases it can be further increased for 6 more months. But Delhi is not an exception in any way. Political scenario is crystal clear 3 of the MLA of BJP had moved to center, even Mr Dr.Harshwardhan who’s popularity index is just behind AK as Delhi CM, who also was the CM candidate of BJP then, is now a Minister in Center. Delhi LA with 70 seat is now having only 67 MLAs . with BJP 28, AAP 27.In addition to this unstable situation now it has also been proved that just to form a Govt, unethical practices and tactics are being used.
    Under such circumstances,Hon President should now take a call for re-elections only. Let BJP win or AAP but people of Delhi must have ‘elected’ Govt & This is their right too.

    • Thanks for the elaborate comment. I would not reply to all the points mentioned above, as it may prolong the discussion, and in the process we may deviate from the topic.

      At the moment, I want to stick to the most fundamental question –
      This question doesn’t mean I am in favor of or against re-elections.

      If Delhi goes for re-election as AAP has been relentlessly demanding, and if the outcome is same – that is, no party can make government without support of other two parties, what will (or what should) AAP do?

      1. Will it support one of other two?
      2. Will it sit aside and watch?
      3. Will it take support from the corrupt parties?
      4. Will they go to elections with pre-poll alliance?

      What will be the justification?

      In fact, AAP supporters, workers, volunteers ought to ask this question to their leadership 🙂

      • Prasad Vanjale says:

        You are again confusing you self in ifs & Buts. Just follow constitutional provisions . Nation can not run on ifs and buts.
        We are heading to state assembly in Maharashtra what if there also became same situation..? So lets not go for election.. welcome presidential rule.
        AAP is demanding elections .. u r right.. but they are giving valid practical reasons for there demand too. What about others..? I told u in my earlier comment in a answer to what u said in support of ur statement.
        Forget about other parties.. what u think..? ifs n buts only.
        fir aisa hua to kya karenge,,fir waise hua to kya karenge.,., isase achha hai.. jaisa hai waise chalne do..jaise chalta he chalne do.

        Why not elections.? everything is changed social political scenario everything. wasn’t BJP given a chance to form govt earlier..? They denied when they hav 31 MLAs by saying they didn’t have numbers.And now with 28 MLAs (One of them is on the verge of suspension as case is filed by police against him for providing fake cast certificate) they hav no problem to form govt by horse trading.
        Do you really expect that govt formed by horse-trading will do something for the common people.?

        Expecting some without prejudice & unbiased political views

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